Should you wait until the Canadian Dental Care Plan is in place to see the dentist? Read why you shouldn’t delay dental treatment, and what else we know about the federal government’s program.

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What is the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)?

What is the Canada Dental Benefit (CDB)?

Should I wait until I'm eligible for the CDB or CDCP to go to the dentist?

Are applicants covered by provincial & territorial programs still eligible for the interim CDB?

It's important that I see the dentist, but I can't afford to. What options do I have?

BCDA gratefully acknowledges the Ontario Dental Association for providing the original content used as a reference for the above FAQ.

Additional Canada Dental Benefit Resources

Canada Dental Benefit Factsheet Download and print this 11"x17" factsheet (PDF, English) from Health Canada on your printer. It outlines the main aspects of the benefit in an easy-to-understand graphic. Also available in these languages: