If you're binge drinking, you're putting your health and possibly your life at risk. We recommend you seek help from a medical professional and/or counsellor if you need help you stop this harmful behaviour.

As dental professionals, we also wanted to let you know that binge drinking damages teeth. Alcohol contains sugar and acid that attack tooth enamel, and vomiting also floods your mouth with acid. Furthermore, alcohol abuse increases your risk of oral cancer.

If you're going out to drink, don't overdo it. Make sure you have a safe ride home. And to protect your teeth, swish water around water your mouth after each drink to rinse away sugar and acid. Chew sugar-free gum on your way home to increase saliva flow, which will also help wash away sugar and acid.

Wait an hour after drinking alcohol before brushing your teeth and be sure to brush before going to bed so that sugar and acid won't wear away tooth enamel while you sleep.